New York City

Post card (above) courtesy of Lauren
Deborah went on a side-trip to NYC with her friend Lauren while Steve stayed in DC studying and having meetings. Deborah and Lauren stayed in Brooklyn with Lauren's friend, Trish, and her two "roommates", Cayenne and Sebastian, a couple of cool cats with personality to spare.
View from Trish's stairs (above) Neighborhood scenes (above & below)
(above) Also in Trish's neighborhood, on the way to the Metro (subway), we saw this car with a bumper sticker that said "Yo (heart) Tegucigalpa" (I love Tegucigalpa)

(below) Lauren's hand drawn map of Trish's neighborhood, in case I got lost
She drew it from memory and it is very accurate; quite impressive, especially for a non-resident, self-proclaimed "direction impaired person"

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