Ferry Tour

  Being somewhat tired of walking, Deborah and Lauren headed out on a sightseeing ferry ride. Lauren, who suffers from sea sickness (and car sickness, and plane sickness, and sometimes feels a little giddy just standing up), lasted long enough to take a photo of Deborah "below decks" and go up stairs to see if she felt any better in the open air; then she abandoned ship. She insisted that Deborah should go ahead with the tour though, and she spent the next hour and a half sitting in a Starbucks cafe, waiting; bless her heart.
(above) Deborah on the Ferry;
notice Lady Liberty in the distance  (Lauren took this; nice job for someone who was nauseous, wouldn't you say?)
We were both surprised that Lauren had no difficulty leaving the ferry. Our bags had been visually inspected before we boarded and Lauren expected that she would be detained or at least asked for identification in case there was an "incident" on board. The crew, however, expressed condolences for her illness and returned her money--nothing else. We decided that we were much better at thinking of the kinds of things a terrorist might decide to do than were "the authorities".
(above, right) The Statue of Liberty from the pier
(below) The old Lackawanna ferry terminal

The damage left around the World Trade Center was visible from the tour boat. It was pointed out to us, but not made a highlight of the trip. I thought it was handled tastefully. As you've heard from every journalist since September 11th, it is devastatingly, unbelievably real when you see it in person.
(above, left) Dust and cranes,
(above) The space where the towers should be
(above, right) Missing windows (and walls) on neighboring buildings
(above, left) The Empire State Building to the left and the top of the Chrysler Building to the right,
(above, right) A little lighthouse on the Jersey shore, obviously a relic from times before high-rises,
and (below) Colgate providing the time of day with an enormous clock
(above, left) A dockyards museum (I've forgotten the name),
(above, right) Ellis Island, also a museum,
and (below) Liberty needs no introduction

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