The Met


Miscellaneous bits and pieces I liked at The Metropolitan

We got to see the staff erecting the Christmas tree. It was interesting. I had wondered how the decorating of those huge municipal trees was accomplished. At the Met, at least, they set up the central pole and, starting at the top, add branches and decorations at the same time, working down. That solves the problem of not being able to reach the top branches to decorate because the lower branches are in the way of a ladder. I still don't know how the places with real trees do it. Maybe they use a crane.
(left) The top third of the Christmas tree
(above & below) Ceramic tiles from the Arabian section
(above, left) Detail of carving from a saint's chair

(above) Detail of a painted game board, India, Late 1600s

(left) Town Square entrance to the American wing

(below) Detail of the pulpit in the square

To the left of the "pulpit" in the photo (above, left), one of the many Museum gift shops can be seen. In the main gift shop in the lobby I found the postcard, below, which I thought might particularly be appreciated by the McCains.

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