The view from about 3 blocks south of the WTC site


  The ferry ride began and ended at Battery Park on Manhattan's southern tip, so after the ferry ride, we went to see the Financial District, since we were there. Lauren, who is a very polite person, asked a couple of policemen who were standing guard at one of the outer barriers if it would be OK for us to go very respectfully to look at the area. She explained that we had no desire to be offensive, but that we were here and that we wanted to see what we could see to try to make it more real to us, having only seen it on TV. The policemen were very nice and told us that no one would mind and even told us where to go to get the best view of the work area. They explained that there were barriers with additional police when we got closer to the area, so we were in no danger of going anywhere we weren't supposed to be.
The air was acrid and strange even where there weren't visible particles and we experienced "rescue effect rain"--when it felt like it was drizzling, but it was actually the Fire Department's water being blown the wrong direction. The people were subdued and we saw several who were obviously emotional. I was doing fine with my own emotions until I saw a nicely dressed, middle-aged businessman walking past the "tribute wall" outside a local church with tears in his eyes.  
The photo (below) is a closer view of the lower right corner of the photo (right)
  Passing the Metro stops under the WTC was an eerie experience. They were abandoned and had big crossed boards nailed up at the landing areas with "Do Not Stop" painted on them. Probably the strangest feeling, for me as a non-resident, was knowing I was underneath where thousands of people had died. Even the regulars were quiet in that stretch of the tracks. It's like visiting a battle field, except more recent and more tragic, since these were civilians. I expect it is like visiting the WWII death camps.

(left) Looking west toward the WTC site
(below) Cranes and dust

Wall Street

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