Hotels in Copán

Central Park

Hotel Marina Copán

At the Hotel Marina Copán we stayed in "the suite". It was comfortable and spacious. We had a kitchen and dining area, living area, queen size bed, and large bathroom.

Service was irregular. There were drinking water and ice in the room when we first arrived, but not when the room was made-up on the second day. The air conditioner worked very well, but the staff turned it off while we were out during the day, leaving us to return to a hot room at 4 in the afternoon when the Ruins close. And, while we are used to tap water not being drinkable, the tap water here was the color of the Copán river.

The suite is $85 and a room with two queen beds is $80. There is also another option for $75 which I think has a Queen and a twin bed. The "rooms" do not have the kitchen/dining area and they have a smaller sitting area, but are still quite comfortable.
A walkway through the hotel grounds. The shrubs to the left of the walk are coffee plants in fruit. A goldfish pond in the same garden area.

The patio behind our room, also with access to the coffee plants.

Above--A little courtyard off the pool area.
Right--The view from the restaurant entrance.
Below--A small garden close to our front door.

There is not much grassy area for playing. The garden to the left is the only grass I found in the hotel grounds. However, there are many paved and tiled areas, in sunshine and shade, if grass is not a necessity.

A Montage of the Pool Area
The large brown building on the left is the restaurant. Directly behind the clump of trees on the right is an open-air bar that overlooks the pool. The entrance and lobby are at the far right.

Hotel Posada Real de Copán

A Double Room

The Lobby

We didn't stay at the Posada Real de Copán (they were having a convention), but it came highly recommended so we went to look at it. They were very friendly and let us take pictures and look around.

The room we saw was on the ground level. The front door opened onto the swimming pool area and the back window opened onto the playground, shown right. The young lady showing us around said the view was better from the higher level. There are rooms with one Queen bed ($50), two Queen beds ($55), or three single beds ($60).

There are good grass-covered play areas around the grounds. The grass is not "putting green smooth", but is nice.

Hacienda El Jaral

We also went to Hacienda El Jaral while we were in town. They have small cabins, one or two rooms each, around a central green. It is inviting and relaxed. I did not get pictures of the inside of a cabin, but we did see one. The accommodations are fine, but more rustic than the other two hotels. There is less space in the rooms and things are generally less lux. I think there is a small refrigerator in each room.
Outside is very nice. Each cabin has chairs and a table on the front porch and a hammock on the back porch. The front porches overlook the green, with playground equipment, bicycles for rent, and a huge expanse of smooth lawn. There is a chapel at the far end of the green, a cage with two Macaws, and a swimming pool across the green from the cabins.
The assortment of sleeping arrangements available is a little mind-boggling, but for a room with two beds (2 doubles, 2 twins, or a King and a twin) you pay $60. I won't confuse you with all the other possibilities.

El Jaral is about 7 miles out of town, so going anywhere involves a drive. However, there is a restaurant on the grounds, as well as a store, a pond with paddle boats and canoes, horse-back riding, a movie theatre, and a small mall. There is also the evening return of the herons to the lagoon--I've heard it's spectacular.
The Green--the swimming pool is to the left of this picture and the cabins are to the right.

Hotel Camino Maya

Last but not least, Hotel Camino Maya was recommended by some friends who stayed here earlier in the year. They said it was nice, clean, and newly renovated. It is on the town square (I was standing under a tree in Central Park when I took this picture) and is within walking distance of all the town restaurants and amusements. It may also be where the Boyntons stayed when they were in Copán 20 years ago.