El Salvador

The Drive

  For Memorial Day weekend Steve and Deborah went with some friends to a small beach hotel, Torola Cabaña Club, on the coast of El Salvador.
Judy gasses up her Explorer for the trip.

A huge dam in southern Honduras.

A friendly Macaw at a hotel on the way to the El Salvador border.

The Border

Getting close to the border,
the road begins to look like a "rest stop".

El Amatillo, Honduras,
border crossing.

The border on the El Salvador side. El Salvador has pigs roaming loose
the way other places have dogs.

The Hotel

  Hotel Torola Cabaña Club
Departamento La Unión
El Salvador
894-5953 or 612-0251

Playas (beaches)
Torola and El Tamarindo
Entrance and Parking Lot

A soccer game on the beach at low tide Sunday morning.

The top (third) floor of the building is an open-air restaurant. It is on ground level from the entrance-side, but the third floor from the beach-side. Ground level on the beach-side is more bedrooms and, outside, a terrace at just above beach level. The terrace is furnished with lounge chairs and a few tables, has fresh-water showers for rinsing off sand and salt water, and has a gateway which leads to the hotel swiming pool courtyard.
Our rooms were on the middle level, below the restaurant and above the beach. Our "hallway" was a lovely terrace with a wonderful view. It faced east so it caught the morning sun but was (relatively) cool in the afternoon.

left--"Our" Terrace
below--The Restaurant.   Part has roof, part doesn't.

We Make A Friend

One of the ladies who worked in the kitchen had a little Quaker parrot. The bird escaped and was wandering in the entrance area, but she wasn't running away, she was looking for a friend.

First New Friend
Watches Are Tasty
Cameras Are Interesting, Too
above & right
Second New Friend

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