The Beach

Playa Torola (Torola Beach) has a long shallow bathing area which means there's a big difference between high tide and low tide, as can be seen at this rock formation out behind the hotel.

(These first three photos are all of the same pile of rocks.)
above, right
Almost High Tide

Receeding Tide

Low Tide
That's Steve standing on top of the center rock.
Because the rocks are covered by waves every high tide, any depression in the rock surface becomes a tidal pool, many containing interesting creatures.
Tidal Pool

Sea Snails and (inset) Sea Urchin
  far left
Tidal Pool with Hermit Crabs

Look for the legs emerging from underneath the lighter-colored shell in the close-up.

below; left, right, & under
Mary and Buyagui take photos and go exploring.
Steve's "Conquistador" Pose

Judy and her Boogie-Board
Judy enjoys the sunset

When it gets dark the hermit crabs come out on the beach right outside the hotel. Hermit crabs, also called robber crabs, are "armorless". They insert their abdomens into (empty) gastropod mollusk shells that they carry about with them for protection. Hermit crabs are often forced to seek new shells because they have outgrown their old ones; they change their housing whenever chancing upon another shell into which they can fit. (Courtesy Encarta99)
Above--Hermit crabs crossing the beach stairs.
The photo below is of poor quality because it was so dark, but all those tan lumps are hermit crabs scurring up the beach away from Steve.

A Side Trip

We took a drive down the peninsula to see what was there. We found a beach with an attractive view and some "wild life".
Some boys on the beach buy fresh fish
from some boys in a boat.
Steve, Judy, Mary, and Buyagui
take in the view.

A very relaxed pig
blowing bubbles in his puddle.

Another pig has the right-of-way.