The Architecture of Antigua Guatemala

Central Park Colonnade

Central Park Fountain

A street scene between posadas.

A decorative wall.   The Church of San Pedro (featured below) can be seen in the next block.

The Church of San Pedro (Saint Peter).

We were fortunate enough to be at San Pedro very early one morning at just the right time to see San Pedro's milkman. He delivers the milk in small glass bottles on his bicycle. He pours the milk from his bottles into San Pedro's milk can (seen by his right foot).

San Pedro's Milkman
Fabric and handicrafts are for sale everywhere.

"Window Gardens" are popular in Antigua.

A handicrafts market sets up in the courtyard of a popular "tourist attraction" church.

(above) Arches, cupolas, and (below) decorative windows and doors are common sights in Antigua.

The intricate carved stone on the ruin of the Church of El Carmen is impressive.