IAS (InterAmerican School)

(above)--To the left, New Office Extention
In the center, Offices in the former kitchen and cafeteria
To the right, New Library Extention houses more library space and the Computer Lab
New Annex Extention
(above)--Two pre-schoolers wait for the rest of their class in the multi-purpose covered area, outside the former office door.
The school grounds look much as they did 20 years ago.
The Computer Lab
(above)--The Old Dorm has a front walk... ...and a student drop-off area.
Also notice the guard house by the gate.
The former dormitory now houses Pre-school, Kindergarten, and Middle School.
The Old Dorm
(above)--Kitchen Area Montage

(below)--Living Room
The old stove's still there and, look, there's carpet on the stairs!
Dining Room

The Old Wardrobe
(Still in the same place.)
Through the door of the "Master Bedroom"--
notice (on the floor) where the wall separating this room from the first student bedroom has been removed.
Deborah's Bedroom is now the Teacher's Lounge. The walls are peach, instead of blue, but the hooks for the hammock are still there.
The Infamous Stairs