Lady Dancing on a Marimba
Said to be in honor of the first marimba being made in Xela.

Bonifaz Hotel at Central Park
Tecan Uman, the warrior hero of the area Indians

Cathedral at Central Park
Dragon-shaped Lamp Post in front of the Municipal Theatre

(above, right)
The Municipal Theatre
Currently undergoing renovation.

Former Movie Theater
Currently abandoned.

Former Dairy Queen (upstairs) is still a burger joint and hang out.
Across the street is the stadium.
(above, left)
The American Candy Store; 20 years ago, this was the only place to get Hershey's chocolate.
They still carry a decent selection of American candy.

Former Quetzalcoatl Inn; currently The Central American Inn.
Fried shrimp here for her 16th birthday dinner convinced Deborah that maybe Guatemala was civilized, after all.

(below, left)
Former Skating Rink; currently a hardware warehouse and drive-through bank.

(below, right)
Former Sibley's House; currently a Men's Seminary.