More of Steve's & Deborah's House
in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

above--Living Room collage
The front door is (not shown) to the left of this photo.
The dining room is through the doorway with stairs to the far right.
The back patio with a built-in grill and sink is outside the sliding glass door.

below--The same collage, but larger to show more detail. Scroll right.

From dining room to kitchen.
The cabinets under the bar/pass-through open only on the kitchen-side.
There is a buffet (not shown) to the left and
the sliding glass door to the back patio (not shown) to the right.

From the kitchen through the dining room and up-stairs to the sitting room and bedrooms.

The Living Room is (not shown) to the right.

The sliding glass door to the back patio is (not shown) to the left.

Up six stairs and to the left is the sitting room, to the right is (not shown) the study.

At the top of the stairs and to the right is the door to the master bedroom, to the left is a hallway to the (not shown) other two bedrooms.

Kitchen collage
The back door and laundry patio are (not shown) to the left.
The dining room is (not shown) to the right.
The dark rectangle to the right (behind the freezer) is a door to the back patio with grill, etc.
The large mug rack on the peach-colored wall is mine and will come down. (Sorry!)

above--Kitchen pass-through to Dining Room, collage
(The baseboard is straight across. The appearance of a notch is where my photos didn't match.)
Freezer to the left; kitchen table to the right.
The stairs up to the study may be seen through the pass-through.
Scale: I'm 5'8" and on tip-toe can just reach the bottles on the top shelf.

left--Kitchen table (there are two more chairs) and door to the dining room.