La Tigra National Park
Jutiapa Gate

Visitor's Card

The Jutiapa Gate to La Tigra National Park is the park entrance that is closer to Tegucigalpa. Once inside the park, it is possible to hike from Jutiapa to El Rosario, the entrance used on the previous trip. The drive from Tegucigalpa to the Jutiapa Gate may be done in a sedan, although in this case it wasn't.

This trip was undertaken by John McKennan, Carlos Banegas, and Steve McCain in John's Land Cruiser.
John and Carlos on the trail.

Tree bridge over a creek.

Steve on a larger tree bridge with added hand-rails.

Some of the infinite varity of nature.

John and Carlos at the mouth of the mine.

This is probably an entrance adet at the upper end of the Peņa Blanca mine about three miles from the entrance we saw on the last trip. (The horizontal tunnels in mines are called adets; the vertical drops are called shafts.)

El Rosario mine runs lower but almost parallel to the Peņa Blanca and there is an upper adet for it which we have not found yet within 1-2 kilometers of this one. These mines were part of El Rosario Mining Company and operated from the 1870s to 1954. In their time they were the richest gold mine in Central America and possibly all of Latin America.

John checks out the mine adet while Carlos watches.