The Lodge at Pico Bonito

The central lodge building
(Photo taken from the restaurant veranda.)

The Lodge at Pico Bonito is a small luxury hotel situated in the "buffer zone" of Pico Bonito National Park outside of La Ceiba, Honduras. (A "buffer zone" is an area around a national park that is protected, but where some eco-friendly commerce is allowed.) A portion of the proceeds from the Lodge goes toward the upkeep of the park.

The central lodge building (left) houses the front desk, lobby area, and gift shop as well as the hotel offices. It has a very pleasant back porch with comfortable rocking chairs, but we spent most of our lounging time on the veranda of the restaurant (below).
Restaurant Veranda
Restaurant through the open door to the right, central lodge building straight ahead.

Most of the things a guest might want have been intelligently anticipated by the hotel management and staff. Bananas ripening for breakfast are easily accessible for observation by those guests who have never seen bananas on the stalk. Umbrellas in a stand await swift tropical showers. (A matching stand outside each cabin provides a place for your dripping umbrella after your room-ward stroll with it.) Planter's chairs, rocking chairs, cushioned wicker and low tables and foot stools make the verandas and porches pleasant places to relax, chat, and contemplate.

A quiet corner of the Veranda
Notice the Copán-like, carved stone frog above
and below.
Outside the restaurant, umbrellas and bananas wait for (respectively) rain and breakfast.

Restaurant from pool walkway.

  As the hotel trail guides walk through the rain forest, they watch for fallen nests of the Montezuma Oropendula. (If you look closely at the central tree in the photo at left, you may see several dozen of the hanging nests, looking rather like odd, elongated fruit.) When these interesting, bag-like structures are found on the ground, they are brought back to the lodge and hung on a small tree outside the bar for guests to examine.

(left) Nests of the
Montezuma Oropendula
in a tall tree in the rain forest.
Nests of the Montezuma Oropendula can be examined at close range on the lodge grounds.
The nest on the right has a vine-type plant growing on it.

The main meeting of paths on the hotel grounds.

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