Cerro de Uyuca from a distance.

Cerro de Uyuca, called Uyuca for short, is a 2008 meter mountain about 10 miles from Tegucigalpa. It encompasses multiple ecosystems, including a cloud forest. Part of the mountain and surrounding area is under the management of Zamorano Agricultural College as "Uyuca Biological Reserve".

Topographical map segment

John, Iftikhar, Rick, and Steve at Zamorano
Uyuca summit in the background

John's newest gadget tells altitude,
temperature, and windspeed

The tree line

Rick and some interesting plants


John, Steve, Iftikhar (holding an epiphyte), and Rick

At the top of Uyuca

John and Rick heading for the cliff

The cliff with Zamorano Valley in the background


Zamorano Valley

Iftikhar goes over the edge

John, Rick, and Steve head down.

John and Iftikhar Iftikhar and John
Steep Trail!

John, Iftikhar, and Rick with John's Land Cruiser Steve, Iftikhar, and John
Lots of lights

John sets up a photo

* No horses or bromeliads were injured during this expedition.