Steve Goes to the Barber

  At the advice of John McKennan, Steve ventured to try a Turkish barber, "Mehmet bey" by name. Steve went the first time by himself (and came home with wild tales of near escapes from flaming death), but the second trip, Deborah went too, to take photographs.
(above) Mehmet bey's shop front

Strapped in and ready for action Lathering up

Straight Razor! * And now to stop the bleeding...
Steve holding the "Q-Tip" Mehmet bey covering Steve's eyes while flicking his face with the flaming instrument...

...and laughing at the expression on Steve's face (being flicked with a burning Q-Tip is not uncommon in Turkish culture) A close-up of the "Q-Tip" (not flaming)
Shampooing... ...and drying off

A quick blow dry
and look, a cup of tea has appeared
A little bit of gel Steve gets to wind down and enjoy his tea
The finished product

Mehmet bey wants a posed shot for his bulletin board
(we'll print it and take it to him)
And now you know why Steve really comes here--a back massage to finish up

An excerpt from Steve's comments to John after the first trip to Mehmet's:
"I thought you said that he blows the flame out before he singes hairs. It was a fully developed torch while he used it on me. It didn't really hurt, more just tense. He bounced it in and out of my ear to singe the hair without burning my ear. Also, I wasn't expecting him to flamb my external nose hairs. It's a good thing I closed my eyes when I did."

* It has been brought to our attention that because the "straight razor" uses a disposable blade, it cannot strictly be called a straight razor.  (Quote) Probably the most common term used for that type of razor is "shavette" or "shevette-type." (Unquote)