Our Stuff Is Here!

Our HHE (Household Effects) and UAB (Unaccompanied Baggage--also known as Air Freight) arrived on the same day in mid-February. We were very happy to have our stuff back, after over 4 months without it, but I sure wish we could come up with some way to get it a little at a time!

(left) The truck arrives
Yes, that whole truck is full of our stuff

(below) Prying off a panel
  These photos were all taken from the balcony of the (best) guest bedroom.

The street seen is Hava which dead-ends into a wide flight of stairs down to a park about 2 buildings to the left and crosses Portakal to the right.

The wide walkway running from center to bottom left in some of the photos is a stone-faced bridge over a service courtyard; it runs fron Hava to our building's front door.

(below) Cutting the plastic lining

(right) The first box is loose
(above) Steve in the "aftermath" of the movers

Fortunately, it does (eventually) get better and he gets to sit down and relax a little bit (below)