Stephen P. McCain

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September 2005 to Present

United States Department of State

Information Management Officer

     Assignment -- U.S. Embassy, Bern, Switzerland

        Supervise six LES and one American.   Oversee all communications including telegrams, telephone systems, computer systems, diplomatic pouch, and mail.
        Serve as Primary ISSO.

January 2002 to June 2005

United States Department of State

Information Systems Officer

     Assignment -- U.S. Embassy, Ankara, Turkey

        Supervised five FSNs and one American at one of the largest 20 posts in the world.   Served as Acting IMO during IMO's absence.
        Revised ICASS standards to attract more customers to OpenNet.
        Created annual training plans to assure that employees stayed technically current.
        Created an SOP to increase consistency of account creation, backup routines, and PC installations.
        Rewrote the Position Description of the FSN systems administrator, and upgraded the position.  Updated all position descriptions during the CAJE process.
        Installed 380 PCs using Norton Ghost image (NT 4, Win2K, XP).
        Moved PD onto embassy compound in a major, staged move of PCs, servers, and network equipment. Used Microsoft Project to organize the plan.
        Served on the IPC duty rotation.   Re-installed the CLOUT server.   ISC and IPC worked together to establish at the Adana consulate the first unclassified-only installation of E-ACT.
        Completed OpenNet Plus requirements ahead of schedule.
        Installed a frame relay circuit as a VPN alt-route back to Washington for OpenNet, and extended OpenNet to the Ambassador's residence.
        Installed a new Health Unit network.  Two years later decommissioned it because the regulations on medical information had changed.
        Supported 15 VIP visits including a SECSTATE visit for which I only had one day of notice, and the NATO Summit with combined POTUS, FLOTUS, SECSTATE, and many others.
        Served as ISSO.
        Integrated PDNet into OpenNet.
        Migrated OpenNet to Active Directory and Windows Server 2000.
        Survived an OIG inspection.  Received high ratings from user community for Intranet web services.
        Moved the Adana consulate from one facility to a more secure one.   Installed a frame relay VPN alt-route at the new facility.
        Drastically improved customer perception of ISC service.

June 1999 to September 2001

United States Department of State

Foreign Service Information Management Specialist (IMS)

     Assignment -- U.S. Embassy, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

        Resident expert on Nortel Meridian 1 digital telephone switch.  Was the sole technician working with DoSTEC engineering as the world beta test site for remote management of the switch using an encrypted VPN tunnel through OpenNet to Virginia.
        Configured Windows NT PCs to assure compliance with DS and post security requirements.   Post was commended as exemplary by the Regional ISSO after the Security Audit.
        Successfully managed IPC during IPO's five week absence.
        Created curriculum and taught E&E network radio classes for all Americans.
        Supported Windows NT and Banyan/VINES servers and end-users, Nortel Meridian Mail system, Exacom Call Accounting System, Exacom VCR-2020 threat recorders, Motorola VHF and UHF radios and repeaters, GDC Mux, ACP-50 X.25 PAD, CT-7 satellite system, TxPORT 3001 CSUs/DSUs, Cisco routers and switches, and various modems.
        Responsibilities included:  Configuration, troubleshooting, problem management, and documentation of supported systems and networks; use of Meridian Administration Tools (MAT) and direct terminal access to Nortel Meridian 1 telephone switch to modify trunks, move telephones, and implement security; providing communication services to other government organizations; supervision of mail room personnel and telephone operators; and Classified Diplomatic Pouch duties.
        Coordinated with Washington D.C. technical analysts from various government agencies to troubleshoot their circuits.
        Troubleshoot using Firebird 6000, Oscilloscope, and Microsoft SMS Network Monitor.   Networks use TCP/IP, DHCP, 10BaseT, and fiber.

January 1997 to June 1999

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway

Senior Technical Analyst -- WAN Operations

        Solely responsible for remote support of the company's distributed network which consisted of more than 400 Bay Networks AN, ASN, BLN, and BCN routers connected with T-1s and DS3s; SynOptics concentrators, hubs, and switches; TxPORT Prism 3030 and other CSUs/DSUs.
        Daily responsibilities included troubleshooting, problem management, configuration and pro-active monitoring using NetView 6000 for AIX, HP OpenView, Bay Networks Site Manager and Optivity, Network General Sniffers, Concord network analyzer, and router MIBs.
        Provided expert assistance to Telecommunications Department and various local exchange carriers (COs) and long distance carriers to isolate and correct failed circuits which may have involved CSUs/DSUs, SmartJack NIUs, NEC channel banks, DCSs, PairGain T-1/E-1 equipment, and various modems.
        Set priorities during outages based on business impact.  Maintained open communications with Situation Management team and affected remote train yards.  Involved WAN Engineering team when appropriate.  Provided leadership and direction to Help desk analysts.
        Protocols used include TCP/IP, SNA, DLSw, IPX/SPX, NetBIOS (over IP and IPX), OSPF, RIP (IP and IPX), DHCP, SNMP, SDLC, ATM, ISDN, HSSI, and bridging.
May 1995 to January 1997

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway

Technical Analyst -- LAN Operations

        Supported Ethernet and Token Ring LANs consisting of more than 70 AIX servers, 90 Novell servers (NetWare 3.11 and 4.1), 8 HostPrint gateways (NetWare for SAA), 2 FileNet systems, 27 cc:Mail routers, 4 FaxWorks servers, and 20 Lotus Notes servers.
        Responsibilities included troubleshooting, problem management, and support of:  Novell server and end user issues; cc:Mail database reorganizations; ARCserve and Palindrome software and backups; FileNet servers, OSARs, and applications; AIX servers; ADSM; DCE; Lotus Notes; and SCO bisync gateways.
        Assisted in migration from Wang to other platforms.
        Used:  InfoMan and PNMS (change management); Lotus Notes, IBM Trouble Ticket, and Expert Advisor (problem management); BindView; HP JetDirect; IBM Communications Manager; Lotus desktop applications; IBM Distributed Console Access Facility (DCAF); Network General Sniffer; and Novell ManageWise.
        Initiated, created curriculum, and taught Lightspeed classes for help desk analysts.
June 1993 to May 1995

Burlington Northern Railroad (Pro Staff Temporary Services (Contract))

Wang Systems Administrator / Technical Analyst

        Solely responsible for a VS100, a VS65, and a VS8000 including security, Wang Office, Lightspeed, WP, WP+, IWSCORE, RSAF, Asynchronous communications, Wang Systems Networking (X.25), SNA, LexisNexis, CPMS, and backups.
        Supported IBM compatible PCs including hardware, configurations, MS-DOS, PCLIS, virus prevention, Windows 3.1, Attachmate Extra!, and other applications.
        Functioned as a LAN administrator supporting NetWare 3.11, Lotus Notes servers, cc:Mail, FaxWorks, and OS/2.
        Also functioned as a FileNet imaging administrator supporting the users and the system, and aided in its conversion from FDOS using XNS to AIX using TCP/IP.
January 1986 to March 1993

Wang Laboratories, Incorporated

Associate Customer Engineer

        Primary Wang representative for specific territory of customers.
        Field supported and maintained hardware and software of Wang VS and Office Information Systems, IBM compatible and Wang proprietary PCs, large disk drives (including head alignment and power supply repair), and a wide variety of printers.
        Received award in Wang "Above and Beyond" program based on customer-initiated recognition of excellent service.
April 1984 to January 1986

Tandycrafts, Incorporated

Computer Operator -- Responsible for backups, AJE processing, inventory extensions, printing, and various accounting and mailing list procedures utilizing an IBM System/34 and a Wang VS100.
August 1983 to February 1984

Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre
Head Technician -- Maintained video games, children's rides, pneumatic cyberamics and associated computer system.
June 1981 to July 1982

Joe Orlando Sound Company
Sound Technician -- Field installed and repaired commercial sound systems, intercoms, and background music systems.
   Certification and License  

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) NT 4.0 (2000)

A+ Certification (1999)

Certified Network Expert (CNX) -- Ethernet (1999)

Certified Novell Administrator (CNA) (1996)

Federal Communications Commission General Radiotelephone Operator License PG-10-21187 (1985)

ITT Technical Institute:
  Associate of Applied Science in Electronic Engineering Technology (1985)
  Graduated with Highest Honors and highest GPA in the class (3.81)
Other training:
  ICASS Executive Seminar (2003)
  Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server (2003)
  Microsoft Windows 2000 Server (2003)
  Microsoft IIS 5.0 (2002)
  Microsoft Project 2000 (2002)
  Consular Affairs Systems for IMSs (2002)
  Intermediate Microsoft Access 2000 (2001)
  Introduction to Microsoft Access 97 (2001)
  CableXpress -- Administrator and End User (2001)
  Supervisory Studies Seminar (2001)
  Administration of Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 (2001)
  Supporting Microsoft SMS 2.0 (2001)
  Administering Microsoft SMS 2.0 (2001)
  Communicating Across Cultures (1999)
  Bay Networks Advanced IP Routing (OSPF, RIP2, BGP) (1998)
  Bay Networks Router Configuration and Management v.11.0 (1997)
  Network General Sniffer University (1997)
  Troubleshooting with the Sniffer Network Analyzer
  Ethernet Network Analysis & Troubleshooting
  Token Ring Network Analysis & Troubleshooting
  Pine Mountain Group (now NetQoS) Network Analysis Group
  Internetwork Analysis 101
  WAN, HDLC, & Frame Relay
  IPX & NetWare Protocols
  Introduction to Object Oriented C++ Programming
  Java Programming Fundamentals (1997)
  Internetworking:  Designing LANs, WANs, and Broadband Networks (1996)
  AIX Version 4 System Administration (1996)
  FileNet System Administration for AIX/6000 (1996)
  Novell CNE and NetWare 4.1 Administration classes (NAEC) (1992 & 1995)
  Wang VS; Laser Printers; Shuttle Matrix Printers; Band Printers; CDC Disk Drives


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